Fausti Italy
FAUSTI has been manufacturing fine shotguns in Italy since 1948. It really did not take them long to realize that one of the things their clients appreciated most was the opportunity of having their guns custom made to meet their needs. That was true for competition shooters, hunters and collectors alike. It was several years ago then that FAUSTI decided to go down the path of customization away from the standardization most makers had been embracing.

As a result FAUSTI designed a dedicated catalogue called "Boutique" to include all those O/U and SxS models where clients' technical and aesthetical requests could be accommodated. This comprehensive catalogue has recently seen a new entry with the model "INDIVIDUAL". This model, just as the name implies, allows for maximum customization of the gun in the making. The INDIVIDUAL features the patented "Four Locks" system, stock and forend in extra select wood and fine engraving signed by the best Masters from the gun making region of Brescia. This Over and Under shotgun truly belongs to the family of fine shotguns manufactured by FAUSTI, but it stands out even more for the unique look of the fences and sides, especially in the small and slender 28ga or .410 bore versions.

That being said, the pair of traditional 20ga featured in this article and built exactly like the client wanted is nothing short of unique. It comes with perfectly matching stocks and forends in extra select walnut, traditional half pistol grips with metal caps and long tangs machined from solid billets of steel. Expert stockers only are allowed to work on guns at this level of quality to guarantee precision of custom dimensions and perfect wood to metal fit. The checkering is hand cut and the oil polishing is also hand applied. Coat after coat is used to enhance the beauty of colors and contrasts and give the necessary protection. The English-style forend is slender and features a newly designed iron with an extremely elegant yet practical release.

The Round Body action is strongly characterized by the new double-fence profile that perfectly flows into the signature FAUSTI barrel line. The action is machined from a billet of special, high resistance alloy steel. No welding or casting allowed. After the machining is complete, the metal surface is mirror polished by hand and readied for engraving. In this specific case, a representative of the Gotha of the Italian Engraving Arts, Master Stefano Muffolini, engraved the pair. The engraving features English scroll intertwined with floral patterns all framing the scene the client wanted on the action back. As a matter of fact, many clients have their family crests or club logos engraved on the actions of the "INDIVIDUAL" so as to make it truly their own.

The guns in the pair come with single selective triggers, ejectors and 71-cm barrels with choke tubes. On request customers can have single non-selective triggers or traditional double triggers as well as fixed chokes based on the hunts of choice. The barrels are always light and yet exceptionally strong which translates in excellent shot groups and ballistic performance (tested and certified) in the long run. Chambers and bores are chrome lined for enhanced corrosion and wear resistance.

Each "INDIVIDUAL" comes standard with a leather case with the FAUSTI logo featured on the inside of the lid. On request a client can custom order a hand-made and entirely fitted "motor case" with cleaning accessories.

In a few words the "INDIVIDUAL" is a spectacular example of what the craftsmen at FAUSTI can do when they are summoned to express their creativity and hand skills in order to please the most demanding clients there are.