Privacy Policy
When a User voluntarily discloses personal information through the website by submitting a request for information or sending emails, Fausti Stefano s.r.l., and any Third Parties we partner with, shall use such information only and exclusively in compliance with Law 196 of 30th, June 2003. The information shall not be further disclosed or shared.

Use of personal information
In compliance with Articles 7 and 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, Fausti Stefano s.r.l. shall use the personal information collected by this website only and exclusively to:
- respond to the User request;
- send marketing and promotional materials and/or contact the User via email or on the phone in the future to announce specials, promotions, new products or services, opening of new points of sale etc.
A Visitor to the website may choose not to give any personal information, which will prevent Fausti Stefano s.r.l. from doing what is described above including responding to the User request.

Access to personal information
Only company employees or Third Parties Fausti Stefano s.r.l. partners with, who need the information collected from the User through the website to perform a specific job, are granted access to personally identifiable information. The information is all kept in a secure environment inside the company.
Personal Information collected from a User through the website shall not be disclosed or shared.
When a User provides personal information through the website with the request to receive marketing, sales material and literature from us, Fausti Stefano s.r.l. shall use such personal information only and exclusively to meet the User request and/or provide a service. The personal data shall not be disclosed to any Third party unless such disclosure is deemed necessary to meet the User request and/or provide the user with a service

Browsing data
Personal data is automatically collected through software procedures and internet protocols every time a Visitor browses the website. Even though the personal data is not meant to identify an individual, identification could occur by cross-referencing it with the data collected by other Third Parties. This data is therefore completely anonymized. Other than for statistical purposes and/or to investigate possible cyber crimes committed against the website, the data shall not be used for any reason.

Voluntary information
By voluntarily and explicitly sending an email to any of the email addresses given on our website, a User automatically and voluntarily discloses his/her email address, as well as any other personal information included in the email, which will be used to respond to the User request

We do not store any piece of personal data on our site. We do not use cookies on this site to track and/or target the interests of visitors to our site

User’s rights
In compliance with Article # 7 of the Privacy Act, a User has the right to do the following at any time by contacting us:
  • See what data we have about the User, if any
  • Learn how the data was originally acquired
  • Learn how the data is used and for what purpose(s)
  • Learn whose privacy practices the policy discloses and who the third parties are, if any
  • Update/change/correct any data we have about the user.
  • Have us delete any data we have, anonymize or block it
  • Object, for legitimate reasons, to the use of the data

This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for:
Fausti Stefano srl
Via Martiri dell’Indipendenza, 70
25060 Marcheno (BS) Italy
Tel +39 030 8960217
Fax +30 030 8610155
VAT # 01962140982

In order to exercise the rights set forth in Law 196 of June 30th, 2013 (access, correction, cancellation and objection to the use of personal data), please email