Fausti Italy
The typical Italian economic-production structure saturated with small and medium enterprises has allowed the appearance of an important role, that of the person or the persons around which the image of a company is developed.
This person provides a testimonial, or as it is better defined in jargon, becomes an "endorser".
In the case of Fausti, the three sisters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara Fausti, aware of the intrinsic quality of their products decided to use their image to advertise their production of sporting guns.
It all starts from the fact that the three sisters are directly involved in the design, creation and development of new models and therefore well aware of each working step.
This knowledge is supplemented by hunting experience, a common activity of the three sisters.

Thus Fausti decided to take advantage of their image as credible and enthusiastic endorsers.
This winning image has attracted the attention of the press from around the world: many articles have been written and conversations had about the Fausti sisters (and consequently the Fausti products).
And that is the secret: the promotion of the FAUSTI brand connected to the three sisters. In the industrial world in general and especially in the world of arms, there is no other brand that is so "unique" and "recognisable".
This is why in just 10 years of promotional campaigns Fausti has become one of the most well-known brands internationally.